Social Media Dos and Don’ts


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There are a lot of business proprietors who are now using social media to promote their brand. They use the web for marketing and communication purposes, which is a great step in the world of business. However, there are some users who are obviously devious, simply uneducated, and who do not always follow proper social media decorum. When they behave this way, they are not only killing their online reputation one post at a time, they are also diminishing any chance they have of creating real and solid relationships with their target group or network.

It is important to understand that there is proper decorum to be observed in social media. It does not matter whether you are new to the scene or a veteran. When it comes to social media, you have to understand the dos and don’ts if you want to utilize social media technology appropriately.

The Social Media Dos

  1. Build relationships and show care – Showing real interest in what people like or have to say goes a long way in social media. Success is not gained overnight so take the time to build connections and create strong relationships through personal interaction. This will make it easy for people to be interested in sharing your work with their own network since they trust you.
  2. Show respect even in disagreement – Social media is a bridge that allows you to meet people from all over the globe. It is only natural that not everyone will agree with what you have to say. Never impose your personal beliefs on others and always respect what others have to say. After all your opinion is your own; you can share it but never force others to believe in it.
  3. Be aware of your online footprint – Everything you say or comment on through posts and online interactions will reflect you and your brand. Always interact in a professional manner. Remember that anyone interested in doing business with you can always dig in the digital world and find dirt.
  4. Be a giver and not just a taker – The world of social media is not all about giving and taking, it is also about sharing resources and information that will be benefit you and other networks.
  5. Be honest – The technology available today allows individuals, especially those present in social media, to be in business with people even if they are millions of miles away. Although this is a convenient process, there are people who misrepresent themselves and swindle people. Always make sure you transact any and all business with honesty as a priority.

Social Media Don’ts

  1. Be improper – Do not post photos or comments on other people’s pages that is irrelevant to them just to gain attention. Chances are you will be blocked or reported.
  2. Immediately sell – As mentioned above, it is important to build a relationship before even speaking of business. Get to know each other first.
  3. Be all about you – Connecting with other people means getting to know them as well, do not immediately post ads about your products or services just because they are in your social media network.
  4. Be impersonal – If you want to connect with someone regarding business always make it personal and professional. Never use a platform or a template because this is simply rude.

These are some of the basic rules of decorum for social media. Make your social media circle a good place to be in. Read and spread the word.!


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